Garlic and Chive Texas Toast

This Garlic and Chive Texas Toast is great with a steak and a baked potato, or just a simple salad.

loaf of bread (I used Fresh Home Baked White bread from bettyskitchen. You may use any type of bread that you like.)
garlic and chive butter (The recipe is in bettyskitchen.)

Slice the loaf of bread into slices that are ¾-inch to 1-inch wide. Spread the two cut sides with a thin coating of garlic and chive butter. Heat a skillet and place your buttered slices of bread in the skillet. Heat the bread over low heat, checking for the underside to brown. When the underside is brown, turn toast to brown the other side. When brown on both sides and heated all the way through, remove from skillet and place on a nice serving dish. Serve immediately. Garlic and Chives Texas Toast is a great way to use bread that is leftover, before it gets stale. I hope you enjoy the Garlic and Chives Texas toast! It is a great accompaniment to most entrees, from pasta to steak!


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