Mango Lassi

Lassi is made from yogurt which has a cooling effect and is great over the summer. Have this perfect combination of Mango and Yogurt and enjoy the summer 🙂


Ripe Mango
Ginger Juice (optional)
Powdered Cardamom (optional)


1. Wash, peel, cut and cube Mango.
2. In a blender, take same amount of Mango and Yogurt.
3. To that add in Sugar, Ice and Ginger Juice.
4. Blend it to a smoothie consistency.
5. Pour into a glass and sprinkle some Powdered Cardamom on it and serve immediately.

1. Use a sweet, ripe and a non-fibrous mango for best results.
2. Add in some milk and extra sugar if the yogurt is too sour for.
3. Change out to another fruit for a different flavor.


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