Quick Ice Cream

Everyone loves an ice-cream! But usually it’s pretty hard to make it without a special ice-cream machine or several hours of freezing time and constant churning. This method beats all of that! And to make it even better still we’ll share with you how to make your own fancy, crispy, homemade cones.

plain flour (100g)
icing sugar (150g)
butter, melted (60g)
egg whites (125ml)

Ice cream
crème fraiche (250ml)
frozen mixed berries (250g)
few fresh leaves of mint
2 tbsp icing sugar
squeeze of a lime
handful of toasted hazelnuts, cooled

sieve all the dry ingredients for the tuille into a bowl.
beat in the egg whites a little at a time until smooth.
stir through the butter and leave to chill until needed (can be stored for up to a week).
preheat the oven to 180°C.
spread the mix onto a sheet of greaseproof paper in a circle as evenly and thinly as possible, use a stencil if you want a special shape.
bake until golden around the edges – about 5-7 mins.
remove and allow to cool for 5 seconds before easing off of the paper and molding to shape over a small bowl or wrapping around itself to form a cone.
place all the ice-cream ingredients into a food processor and blitz for 30 seconds.
serve immediately for a quick refreshing dessert or store in the freezer in a lidded plastic container for up to a month.

Makes 4 cones of ice cream – (plenty of cone mix leftover)


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