Sushi is a a light healthy and delicious meal to have for lunch or dinner. It can, however, be a little expensive. But when you make it yourself you can easily throw together rolls of the stuff and then enjoy with your friends. Our version avoids raw fish too so everybody can enjoy it.

sushi rice (250g)
tbsp caster sugar
tbsp rice wine vinegar
tbsp mirin (japanese rice wine)
tsp salt
¼ tube wasabi paste
6 nori sheets (seaweed sheets)
6 crab sticks
handful of cooked prawns
handful of smoked salmon off-cuts
bunch of spring onions
knob of fresh or pickled ginger
½ cucumber
soy sauce to dip

wash rice under cold running water and drain several times until the water runs clear.
drain the rice and put into a pan with a tight fitting lid with 350ml of cold water.
bring to the boil with the lid on.
turn the heat down as low as it’ll go and simmer for 10 minutes then remove from the heat and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Do not remove the lid throughout as the trapped steam is what best cooks the rice but do occasional shake the pan.
dissolve the salt and sugar into the vinegar and mirin and stir through the rice after the 15 mins. transfer cooked rice to a bowl and allow to cool.
prepare all the fillings by cutting into thin strips.
lay out a nori seaweed sheet on the work surface (or sushi mat if available) and flick a small amount of water onto it.
spread cooled rice over the sheet to a thickness of 1cm. Leave a small margin at the sides.
brush a little wasabi paste in a line over the rice. Take care… it’s hot stuff! If in doubt taste a bit first.
arrange your fillings in a line. Ensure all ingredients appear all the way along the sheet because it will be cut.
roll the sheet up tightly and dampen the end to stick it down.
wrap tightly in Clingfilm and store in fridge until required.
slice into 3cm pieces with damp knife and serve with chopsticks and soy sauce to dip.

Makes minimum of two rolls – serves 4.


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