Chicken Mushroom Takikomi Gohan (鶏ときのこの炊き込みご飯 作り方 レシピ)

180ml Rice (6.1 fl oz)
180ml Dashi Stock, kombu + bonito (6.1 fl oz)
70g Chicken Breast (2.5 oz)
20g Carrot (0.7 oz)
25g Gobo, burdock root (0.9 oz)
30g Shiitake Mushrooms (1.1 oz)
20g Maitake Mushrooms (0.7 oz)
½ Aburaage – thin deep-fried tofu
5g Ginger Root, Shredded (0.2 oz)
Mitsuba Parsley

1 tsp Soy Sauce
⅓ tsp Salt
1 tbsp Sake
½ tbsp Mirin or substitute: ½ tbsp Sake+½ tsp Sugar


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