Peanut Soup with Beef

Ingredients: 500g beef 1 cup of peanut butter 3 mashed tomatoes 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1 large onio 2 garlic cloves chili peppers, to taste black pepper 1 cup of green onion, sliced 1 bouillon cube, optional 50 ml of oil Water and salt

Nigerian Coconut Rice

Ingredients: rice coconut milk seasonings crayfish meat broths pepper oinons diced tomato fresh tomatoes

Mushroom Stew

Ingredients mushroom red pepper green pepper unripe tomatoes ripe tomatoes maggi veg.oil spring onions

Grilled Tilapia

Cassava Fritters And Cheese (Bollitos de Yuca)

Ingredients 1 lb cassava, grated salt butter sugar oil for frying pepper.

Pizza Dough

Ingredients: 2 ¼ tsp active dry yeast 1 ½ cups warm water 4 cups bread flour 1 ½ tsp salt 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp of sugar and salt

Fresh Pasta Without A Pasta Machine

Rice With Spinach Plasas

Ingredientes Meat Fish Palm oil Virgen oil pepper onions salt peanut butter spinach

Yam Pepper Soup

ngredients Asoorted fish Uda Uziza water Pepper Crayfish Salt to taste Yam.

Vegetable Sauce

Ingredients: • 2big golden fish • 2 cooking spoons of Vegetable Oil • 2Spring Onions • 4 Fresh Tomatoes • 10 medium Carrots Spinach • Salt – to taste • Seasoning ..1 stock cubes Mushroom etc

Fried Ripe Plantains Chips

3 ripe plantains (for chips) Oil for frying (canola or sunoil) 1 tsp. of salt Cold water for washing the plantains Paper towel

Nigerian Agidi Eko Stew

Ingredients: assorted fish red oil groundnut oil pepper etc

Nigerian Buns

Ingredients: Plain flour Sun oil Milk Sugar Egg Salt Vanilla

Nigerian Jollof Rice & Beans

Nigerian Pan Cake

Ingredients: A cup of plain flour 2 egg Milk—condenced/evaporated Tepid water(a cup) Pepper(optional) Salt Sugar(optional) Baker´s yeast(optional) Oil for frying

Nigerian Agidi Stew

Ingredients Assorted fish 1 large onion (chopped) 1 bowl of fresh tomatoes ½ bowl of tatashe pepper pepper Seasoning and salt to taste 1 cooking spoon groundnut or vegetable oil 1 cooking spoon palm oil • 1 teaspoon curry and thyme each

Nsala Soup

Ingredients: Yam (thickner) Uziza leaf Utazi leaf (crongromena ratifolia) Stock fish Fresh fish Crayfishi Dried fish Chili pepper •Seasonings ( a cube of Maggi )

Nigerian Vegetable Soup (Edikang Ikong Soup)

Ingredients: Assorted meat Pumpkin,spinach,water leave Palm oil Prawns/periwinkles Salt Pepper

Afang Soup With Okazi And Spinach

Ingredients: 1 pack, dry, cut Okazi 5 pounds of your choice of beef, cut 1 pack of frozen peeled and cooked shrimp 2 tablespoons of ground crayfish 1 teaspoons of ground pepper 3 cooking-spoons of palm oil 1 cube of maggi 2 packs of frozen chopped spinach Salt to taste

Egg Stew With Yam

Ingredients: tomatoes onions pepper salt to taste egg virgen oil crayfish

Unripe Plantain Pepper Soup (Naija Style)

Ingredients: Unripe plantain Dried fish Crayfish Palm oil Pepper Meat Scent leaf (nchianwu)

Grilled Turkey Legs

Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Ingredients: goat meat (cut with the bone) water onion, chopped Pepper Soup Spices ground hot chillies crayfish (or prawns) chopped utazi leaves salt to taste


Pilau, An East African Rice dish and a great example of India’s influence on African Cuisine. Tanzania’s National Dish.

Tomato Chicken Sauce

Nigerian Designer Stew

Ingredients: 20 Green Scotch Bonnet(Habanero) Peppers 3 Green Bell Peppers 4 cloves Garlic 2 Inches of fresh Ginger 0.1 ounces of Fresh Locust Beans (Iru) 3 tsp Chicken Bouillon (or more to taste) 2 HardBoiled Eggs 2 cup of meat stock 4 cups of preheated and cooled Palm oil 1 Red onion Meats: 1 cup […]

Creole roast chicken

Calentita – Savory Chickpea Flan

Ingredients: 200 grams of flour 125 grams of roasted almonds – you can also buy raw blanched almonds and roast them or fry them your self but I prefer to buy them already roasted to save time 100 grams of sesame seeds 125 grams of honey 75 grams of powdered sugar 1 ½ teaspoon of […]

Piri Piri Wings

Plantain meal

Africa was the first continent to have communities. Enjoy this special recipe of Africa.

Jollof Rice

Why not delight yourself with some of Africa’s finest dishes.